think how lonely you would be without your baby.

Mordecai (Buggles) is one year old.
He is currently living with his father, in another country.


Don’t watch this if you’re soaked in gasoline because it will warm your heart and you will burn to death and die.

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Let it be known that my 17- month old was guesstimated at 2.5-3 years old today. He is bigger than 3T in girls’ clothing (what’s with that, exactly?) and in 2T-3T boys clothing. He wears a size 8 shoe.

Also, we got off the bus today, because the driver had a stick up his butt over me having Mordecai in the Tula while the bus was moving. That was fun. 

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Some photos of Mordecai since we’ve been back home. 

His Thanksgiving outfit. Looking like a little collegiate fella. 
On my back in the Tula on the bus. 
Playing with the WiiU.
And Just now, standing on the chair next to me, after lunch.

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Being a parent is putting your tiny human’s needs first, no matter what. Being a parent means feeding them, clothing them, changing the diapers. It means cutting harmful people out and letting helpful people in. It’s working your ass off and not sleeping to do right by them. 
There’s nothing wrong with needing a moment, or five. There’s nothing wrong with feeding yourself before you feed your kid, or having a shower while they play. There is nothing wrong with caring for yourself in tandem with caring for your little.
But if you find your needs and wants coming before your child’s, there’s an issue. If you’re yelling at your toddler for climbing on you while you’re on the phone, or your seven year old is walking home from school alone while you play video games. If your leisure is more important than your child, then I’m judging you harshly.

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