think how lonely you would be without your baby.

Mordecai (Buggles) is one year old.
He is currently living with his father, in another country.

Being a parent


Being a parent:
Changing your child before you change yourself. Bathing your child before you bathe yourself. Feeding your child before you feed yourself. Making sure your child is peacefully sleeping before your aching body touches its bed. Protecting your child and getting rid of their fears even though you’re nowhere close to ridding your own.
Being a parent is loving your child more than you could ever love yourself.

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The thing you craved or are currently craving during your pregnancy! I’ll start.

Chicken! Lots and lots of chicken, and hot dogs with nacho cheese, jalapeños, and…

Tacos, pizza and cheese lol.

Pickle juice, pickles and raspberries. Raspberries all day. Every day. I ate so many raspberries.

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Another thing that makes my blood boil is people leaving children in hot fucking cars. I read an article 2 days ago about a 22 month old who DIED because they had been left in a hot car for 8 hours. HOW DO YOU FORGET ABOUT YOUR CHILD FOR 8 HOURS??? How do you even forget for half an hour??? If you…

No one leaves their kid in the car because they forget they have a kid. Kids get left in the car because they honestly don’t believe their kid is in the car to begin with.
They think they already dropped their kid off or they think the other parent has the kid. The human brain is excellent at making false memories. All you need is a basic understanding of memory to know that this is a very easy mistake.

These parents do spend all day thinking about their child, but if they think their kid is safe, it will never cross their mind that they could possibly be in the car.

I’m not saying that it’s an excuse or even that these parents shouldn’t be punished, but people need to awknowledge that this is a thing that just happens.

Also, this kind of mentality is very dangerous. No one who has ever left their child in a hot car has thought it would happen to them. They thought that no one forgets their kids just like you do so they didn’t try and prevent it.

It’s very important to realize that this kind of thing can happen to anyone. When people don’t awknowledge that, they’re not going to take preventative measures and when preventative measures don’t happen, more children die.

Agreed ^

I didn’t even think of it like this…

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Anonymous asked: Can you see littleurchins leaving her kids in her car?



I dont know her at all, never even heard her name before tonight, so I cant answer that about her personally. But I can see the potential for ANYONE to make that mistake under the right circumstances. 

If you can remember your fucking iPHONE but not your kid,you don’t deserve to be a parent. Plain and simple. Anyone who excuses someone murdering their child as a “honest mistake”,obviously is fucking deluded.

This is exactly how I feel about it. That thing floating around about putting your wallet or phone in the back seat so you don’t forget your kid is messed up. Like you care THAT much more about your phone than your child? Leaving your kid in a hot car is inexcusable. 

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Anonymous asked: whats the deal about ohioisformothers? whats the back story? i've never heard of her. but in passing and have learned alot don't like her?





Was with this guys named Chuckie/Charles. Had three kids, Alesana (after some emo band, way to set your kid up for failure), Jakoby (like the lead singer of Papa Roach, and Anberlin (yet another band). She stabbed Chuckie/Charles. They got married on Valentines this past year and are already separated and with other people.

Hating on a three year olds name. Mature man.

Shit, girl, I named my kids after a Johnny Cash song and Jim Morrison. I must be terrible too *shrugs*

I actually like all of those names.

And a name has zero to do with success. What an idiotic thing to say.

My kid’s named after a blue jay… so there’s that. Names don’t dictate your life.