think how lonely you would be without your baby.

Mordecai (Buggles) is one year old.
He is currently living with his father, in another country.

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm new to your blog. Why is your son living in another country with his father?

Forrest lives in the states. I’m just using the summer to get my things together. They’ll be back in September.

Think how lonely you would be without your baby.
I’m a mess. Don’t let them go.
First time I held him, somewhere in the middle, and the last day I saw him.

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If you took a grown man who was violently struggling and tied him down to a table so that you could cut off a part of his penis without his consent, you would be a criminal. 

You do this same thing to a newborn, and no one bats and eye.

"Well, an infant can’t say no"

But an infant also cannot say yes, and the absence of a yes is an absolute NO. 


And they do say no, they scream it while they’re strapped down.

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I forgot to tell you all! 
Mordecai said “I love you” the other day! It made me feel very good, and like all what I’m doing isn’t not worth it. 

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Being a parent


Being a parent:
Changing your child before you change yourself. Bathing your child before you bathe yourself. Feeding your child before you feed yourself. Making sure your child is peacefully sleeping before your aching body touches its bed. Protecting your child and getting rid of their fears even though you’re nowhere close to ridding your own.
Being a parent is loving your child more than you could ever love yourself.

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